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Tree Stump Grinding

Stumps are ground approximately 6-8 inches below grade and the hole can be backfilled with resulting stump chips and left on site for use by the customer as mulch, or hauled away and top soil and seed added.

Portable Stump Grinder:
Fits through gates & tight areas 37″ wide and larger

Large Stump Machine:
80Hp built to tackle any size stump

Stansbury Tree Service, Inc. is not responsible for damage to underground objects like pipes or wires.

Tree Stump Removal - BEFORE

Tree Stump Removal - AFTER

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I would like to express how pleased I am with your crew. Mr. Ash went out of his way to understand what I wanted done, and took the time to thoroughly explain each step of what he and his crew were going to get accomplished.

It was truly an amazing example of how a crew SHOULD work together as a team, in lock-step, and safely, to perform such difficult and precise work. I watched in absolute awe as each branch was felled and safely lowered.

Please extend my gratitude, and please recognize them appropriately. They will be highly recommended by me.

M.H. (Ellicott City)