Tree Stump Grinding

Stumps are ground approximately 6-8 inches below grade and the hole can be backfilled with resulting stump chips and left on site for use by the customer as mulch, or hauled away and top soil and seed added.

Portable Stump Grinder:
Fits through gates & tight areas 37″ wide and larger

Large Stump Machine:
80Hp built to tackle any size stump

Stansbury Tree Service, Inc. is not responsible for damage to underground objects like pipes or wires.

Tree Stump Removal - BEFORE

Tree Stump Removal - AFTER

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About Us

Stansbury Tree Service, Inc. is owned in operated by Pat Stansbury, established 1996.
Pat has been working in the tree care industry since 1990.

The Stansbury Family

Just out of high school Pat started doing line clearance work with Asplundh and after a couple years he moved on to Bartlett Tree Experts where he learned how to perform proper pruning techniques and about plant health care. This is where life changed for him. He was going to work every day and learning more than he ever imagined. Working as a grounds man, then a climber and soon a crew leader and becoming a MD. Licensed Tree Expert.

Pat decided to start his own business in 1996 and was working seven days a week, 5 days at his full-time job and weekends for himself. After two years he decided it was time to move on and in 1998 he left his full-time job (with new born twins) with the hopes of successfully building his own business.

Pat Sr. is running the crane and Patrick Jr. is in the tree.

Since 1998 he has continued to work seven days a week (most of the time) constantly trying to improve himself and to offer the best service to his clients. He has since became an ISA certified arborist, a licensed pesticide applicator and a certified crane operator.

Stansbury Tree Service, Inc. has purchased several businesses, Knight’s Tree Service, after Mr. Knight retired, Chuck still works for us every day and James Pickett’s Tree Service after Mr. Pickett’s passing.

Stansbury Tree Service, Inc. is still working with many of those first clients from 1996 – 1998. Pat is also well respected in the industry, working along with several of his competitors on their jobs. Building relationships with his clients, peers and the community. We are very fortunate to have a great group of hardworking, dedicated employees, this is why Pat is able to do this everyday.

Pat will most likely never slow down or retire. Although he is currently training the next generation as Patrick Jr. is working in the field and learning to climb and Paige is working in our office. We hope to continue to grow and look forward to the future with you!

You all were fantastic, Passed out your cards to local business and friends.
You went above and beyond.

M.W. (Manchester)